ESOS Phase 3 Compliance

The Phase 3 deadline is 5 December 2023. We can help you comply.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory compliance scheme in the UK.

What is ESOS?

Derived from Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, ESOS aims to reduce EU energy consumption by 20% by 2020. The scheme occurs in four-yearly phases and comprises of regular energy audits that highlight energy savings for large businesses.

These audits must cover 90% of your organisational energy and require sign-off from a qualified ESOS Lead Assessor. Routes to compliance include ESOS audits, Display Energy Certificates (DECs), Green Deal energy assessments and ISO 50001 certification.

Large organisations that must comply are classified as those with:

  1. More than 250 employees or
  2. A turnover of more than €50,000,000 and an annual balance sheet total of more than €43,000,000



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