Flexible Energy Procurement

If you spend over £100,000 on gas or electricity every year, flexible procurement could be right for you.

When you take out a flexible energy contract, our energy traders will purchase your gas or electricity directly from the wholesale commodity market – often securing lower rates.

A flexible contract allows businesses to take advantage of an ever-changing energy market when fixed price contracts are too restrictive. For larger energy users, we can help you take advantage of a volatile energy market and make sure you capitalise on market rises and falls. Our aim is to maximise contract flexibility whilst minimising your costs.

Are you interested in securing a flexible energy supply contract? Why not read our informative blog where we focus on the top 6 things you need to consider.

Why choose EIC?

We have a proven track record in the energy market:

  • Our flexible clients are currently over £65.7m below budget for electricity and gas since 2014 (as of November 2018).
  • Contract negotiations achieved annual savings of 78% for a pharmaceutical company and more than £350,000 in contract fees over a 36 month period for a manufacturing client.
  • Our flexible energy procurement service enables you to benefit from market falls, unlike fixed contracts, so you can lower your costs.
  • Presenting a flexible procurement option to your colleagues or to the board can seem riskier than the fixed alternative; we’ll give you peace of mind that you’re able to secure the best deal.
  • Tendering to all suppliers can be a lengthy and difficult process, as it can be hard to compare like-for-like contracts; EIC can take care of this for you, saving you time and resources. We know where savings can be made and which suppliers can move on certain fees and clauses.
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